Blockchain technology and the cryptocurrencies which underpin it have grown 800% in 2017 by market cap, fostered enterprise synergies across nearly every industry vertical, and have added over 688 new investment instruments (“coins”) generating multi-billion dollar daily trading volume. Initial Coin Offerings in the same year have collectively raised over $1.27 billion as a new form of capital offering to fuel blockchain entrepreneurship, surpassing early stage VC and angel funding in the same time frame while providing to investors shorter horizons and significantly greater returns.

Zero-One Capital is a technology-focused investment fund offering an actively managed pathway into the burgeoning blockchain-cryptocurrency space. This domain provides exposure to both a high growth asset class with minimal correlation to virtually all current investment vehicles as well as a promising landscape of entrepreneurship outside of typical venture capital deal flow via Initial Coin Offerings (ICO); gated behind significant barriers to entry for traditional investors. Operating at a confluence of data advantage, technical expertise, and cloud-driven autonomy, Zero-One Capital captures an unprecedented opportunity for capital growth.